The Milestone Consulting Group curriculum is based on our unique "YJTJ (Your Job Tool's Job)™" paradigm. As its name suggests, the YJTJ approach goes beyond simply explaining the software's features and demystifying the product (although it certainly does both those things as well). It also shows managers the mindset that they need in order to make optimal use of the software. That mindset: that they are in partnership with the software- that both they and the software have distinctive roles and responsibilities. When project managers understand what they should contribute to the project management process and what they should leave to the software, they are able, for the first time, to allow the software to deliver its maximum benefit to their companies.

There's nothing abstract or theoretical about our understanding of Microsoft Office Project software. All of the practical, real-world understanding, all of the tips and techniques developed in the field, all of the wisdom that comes from tens of thousands of hours of experience-all of this is the unmatched foundation for our curriculum.



Client Quotes


"The Milestone YJTJ™ curriculum was extremely helpful. YJTJ™ brought clarity to the use of Microsoft Project that we didn't have before. Now, we can see where resources are being used. We can justify headcount increases. We can show where our efforts are being focused."


Elizabeth Johnson
Technical IT Manager
AEGON USA Investment Management, LLC