Why Online? 

Software as a Service (SaaS) is expected to continue rapid growth.  SaaS delivery of Microsoft's PPM (Project and Portfolio Management) solution can decrease your total cost of ownership as well as shorten time to value and allow you to focus on improving your organization instead of installing and supporting software.


From a TCO perspective, delivery of PPM through the cloud can turn tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars of software acquisitions,  tens of thousands in hardware acquisition, and significant installation costs into as little as $7/user per month. You don't have to write a capital project to begin deriving the benefits of PPM!


Why Trial? 

PPM solutions are complex.  Encompassing Project Management, Resource Management, Collaboration and Project Portfolio Management, these solutions require organizational and process change to reap the benefits.  Partner led trials allow you to understand the benefits and organization impact in a short period of time with a very small investment.


Why Use a Microsoft Project Online Partner-Led Trial from Milestone? 

Milestone is unique in the industry in that we focus our trials on achieving business results in one area of PPM.  We have several scenarios pre packaged to demonstrate benefits at a rapid pace.  We can also tailor your trial based on your unique business goals.  Pre-packaged productized services include:

  Resource Portfolio Management - Maximize the results from your human capital.  Balance your resource demand and capacity.  
  Project Portfolio Selection - Maximize the value returned by your project investments
  Collaborative Project Management - Improve your project management effectiveness.  Give your PMs the insight they need.
  Time Tracking - Deploy a simple, cost effective time tracking solution to gain insight into your people's activities.
Our commitment to you does not end when your trial is complete. Milestone will help you evaluate the outcomes of your trial, our Envisioning and Planning services can help you lay out a roadmap to improve your PPM maturity, our education services help your people execute on your roadmap, our technical services help give you the metrics to monitor your improvement, and our support services make sure it all runs smoothly.


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