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 Swimlane Timeline Released Version


Swimlane Timeline Installation

     Requires ADMIN Rights.  Uninstall any older version prior to upgrading. 

      Before upgrading, review the What’s New document to ensure a smooth transition.

      To install, first uninstall any previous version (this frees up the license), and then run SETUP.

      After upgrading, follow along with the Quick Start guide to verify your installation.

To determine if you need to install the 32bit or 64bit Visio version of the Swimlane Timeline, go to “Visio/File/Account/About

The 32bit or 64bit designation is displayed at the end of the Visio version number located in the top line of the dialogue.

User's Guide




 Swimlane Timeline Released Version Documents

Folder: Z-Archive Folder - v9.11
Z-Archive Folder - v9.11Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Folder: Z-Archive Folder - v8.10
Z-Archive Folder - v8.10Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Folder: Z-Archive Folder - v7.04
Z-Archive Folder - v7.04Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Folder: Z-Archive Folder - v6.82
Z-Archive Folder - v6.82Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Folder: Z-Archive Folder - v6.72
Z-Archive Folder - v6.72Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Folder: Z-Archive Folder - v6.53
Z-Archive Folder - v6.53Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Folder: Z-Archive Folder - v6.37
Z-Archive Folder - v6.37Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Folder: Z-Archive Folder - v5.73
Z-Archive Folder - v5.73Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Swimlane Timeline v9 USERS GUIDE for Visio
Swimlane Timeline v9 USERS GUIDE for Visio 2010-2019Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).
Swimlane Timeline v911 Install for 32bit Visio
Swimlane Timeline v911 Install for 32bit Visio 2010-2019Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window). Software License (374687-2) EULA Software License (374687-2) EULA 11-11-2011Use SHIFT+ENTER to open the menu (new window).

 Video Streaming Webcast via YouTube


 Recent Version History

  From v9.09 to v9.11  

  • Fixed swimlane and task right-click "Drill-in" error
  • Fixed "Refresh" to properly preserve an applied custom Align setting
  • Modified custom "Align/Define New…” option to be auto-selected on creation
  • Added ability to turn off the International Windows Region check and warning at startup

 From v9.08 to v9.09

  • Fixed Custom Format to immediately apply changes after modifying settings
  • Fixed Rolling Date Range in Style to show as Rolling Range selected after applying
  • Fixed Custom Align default name when source name contains special characters

  From v8.10 to v9.08

  • Added custom “Align” settings option
  • Added custom “Timeline Row Height” setting to the Timeline Rows option
  • Added “Current Page” and “All Pages” pick items to the Refresh option
  • Added new functionality to the “Rolling Date Range" option
  • Added Refresh preservation of non-Swimlane Timeline shapes
  • Added “Widescreen” pick item to Single Page option
  • Added “Single Page (Widescreen)” and “Paginated (Widescreen)” to the Export to PowerPoint option
  • Added Refresh preservation of manually deleted tasks
  • Added “Re-layout Swimlanes” to remove empty space
  • Added show/hide conditional “Format Legend” checkbox
  • Added “% Work Complete” pick item to the Shading option
  • Added support for page specific Date Markers
  • Added "Delete Legend" pick item to Conditional Format option
  • Added ability to more easily copy, duplicate & rename Custom Settings
  • Added support for “swimlane alternate names” in the Custom Text option
  • Added support for non-wrapped text (single line of text) to Custom Font option
  • Added “Resource Names” and “Resource_Names” to field pick lists
  • Fixed “Set Fixed Dates” in the Date Range option
  • Fixed behavior of “Select All” Intervals, Milestones & Tasks
  • Fixed conditional test of Excel fields with “Yes/No” values
  • Fixed conditional test of Project fields with “Cost” values
  • Fixed conditional test cases of “>=” and “<=”
  • Fixed conditional format of “Line Format Weight”
  • Fixed minimization of MS Project
  • Fixed uninstall of 64bit Swimlane Timeline
  • Fixed handling of square bracket special characters
  • Removed the “ST Add/Show” ribbon checkboxes for text alignment
  • Moved “Swimlane/Layout” option to the “ST Add/Show” ribbon
  • Renamed various Swimlane Timeline options
  • Switched to HTTPS for communicating with the License Server
  • Switched to SHA-256 cryptographic/hashing algorithm

  From v8.08 to v8.10

  • Added "ST Add/Show" menu "Endpoint Arrows" checkbox that will show arrows when interval bars are truncated by Date Range.
  • Enhanced "About" to allow users to override the default Windows Database Engine used to communicate with the source data (JET or ACE).
  • Enhanced custom Text to support Windows date formatting when date fields are selected.
  • Enhanced custom Format by adding the ability to move test rows Up and Down.
  • Enhanced all custom options to support "Copy Selected to a Folder" instead of just Copy current to a Folder.
  • Enhanced custom Filter to support values of "No" and "False" when MS Project "Active" field is selected.
  • Enhanced copy custom setting to Shared Folder to automatically be available in option pick lists.
  • Enhanced Pre-Selected Style by adding case-insensitivity when checking for "Visibility.Biz" in custom format view XML definition file.
  • Enhanced the installed style "Milestones All Levels" to auto-apply the default "Primary" color palette.
  • Fixed conditional Format copy option to overwrite any pre-existing Format with the same name.
  • Fixed conditional Format copy option to include its associated Legend Document Stencil.
  • Fixed Pre-Apply Style to prevent missing Timeline Rows.
  • Removed "ST Manage/Set Defaults" since users can now pre-apply any custom Style.
  • Remove any existing custom user "Default Style" setting after installing the Swimlane Timeline since users can now pre-apply any custom Style.

From v7.04 to v8.08

  • Added MS Project Pre-filter and/or pre-apply Style capability to save time creating the desired report
  • Added Conditional Format User Interface
  • Added Conditional Format Testing Criteria "=, >, <, <> (not equal),>=, <=, and "Contains"
  • Moved Conditional Format from "ST Add/Show" menu to the main "Swimlane Timeline" menu
  • Enhanced ST Manage/Format adding Define New, Change, Rename, Delete, and Create Legend
  • Custom Setting Copy Selected to User option
  • Added "Custom User" and "Custom Shared" subgroups to drop down pick lists.
  • Added Rolling Date Range functionality to the Date Range option
  • Added all Text Positioning Icons to the main Swimlane Timeline ribbon menu
  • Added “Define New" to top of pick list for all options supporting a custom named setting
  • Added swimlane title right-click option to "Select all shapes in swimlane"
  • Added checkbox to "ST Add/Show" ribbon to Show/Hide Title (and Logo)
  • Added warning to Overlap Tasks option when working with an Excel source file with no Unique_Id field
  • Added non-printable "Refresh to Reconnect Data" message to re-opened reports not yet refreshed.
  • Added dialogue when re-opening older version incompatible reports
  • Enhanced preservation of user task text positioning when working with, and refreshing, reports
  • Enhanced "Highlight Critical" dependency connector test to require both connected tasks to be critical
  • Enhanced the text left-of-shape & text right-of-shape options to default to use text wrapping.
  • Enhanced Date Range "All" to automatically modify the existing date range on Refresh
  • Enhanced Shared Folder option to automatically perform a Refresh Picklist when selecting a new folder
  • Enhanced reading MS Project fields by minimizing the app to eliminate unnecessary user feedback
  • Fix custom Filtering when field specified is an "(Enterprise)" field
  • Fix refresh of multi-page report when pages have different conditional format legends
  • Fix the custom Text "Visibility Short Name" option task layout to avoid text and shape collisions.
  • Fix Title font size on Refresh issue when a custom Font setting is applied
  • Fix Paginate and Paginate to PowerPoint option completion issues occurring in some environments
  • Fix Group-by new field after a Refresh
  • Removed the redundant “lowest interval” option from the Timeline Rows dialog.
  • Removed the redundant "ST Manage/Refresh Picklist" option
  • Dropped support for Visio 2003 and Visio 2007 - last version is v7.04
  • Replaced the default Swimlane Timeline logo

 From v6.82 to v7.04 

  • Added support for 2016 Office, Visio and Project and Windows 10
  • Added a “Generating Drawing…” message during Swimlane Timeline drawing processing
  • Added Task right-click “Task Overlap” option for users to override standard Task and Text collision avoidance layout, and allow users to overlap milestones on top of intervals
  • Enhanced UI for Text Positioning Above Task, Below Task & Vertically Centered in line with Task from the Ribbon menu
  • Enhanced UI for Text Alignment to be Align Left, Align Center & Align Right from the Ribbon menu
  • Enhanced UI to easily select All Tasks, All Milestone & All Intervals from the Ribbon menu        
  • Enhanced UI for Text Positioning Left of Task & Right of Task from the Ribbon Menu
  • Enhanced Task Right-Click to support new Text Alignment & Positioning options
  • Enhanced Refresh to Update “Created By” user name
  • Fixed Refresh of re-opened Visio VSD file to preserve any applied Swimlane Timeline filter setting in the original report
  • Fixed Refresh of multi-page report to preserve custom Text Setting applied to each page.
  • Fixed Refresh from incorrectly extending the date range if 'Weeks' is lowest timeline row.
  • Fixed Refresh to work if the source file is showing as "<Current Active Project> +~+ filename".
  • Enhanced Custom Style option with new “Update” Ability
  • Enhanced Custom Style option with “Copy Current To Folder”
  • Enhanced Date Marker Default Format to “MMMd”
  • Enhanced Date Marker Format Help to Cover Text Displayed
  • Added Date Marker “Legend Font Setting”
  • Added “Date Marker Legend” Show/Hide Checkbox
  • Enhanced “Weeks” Timeline Row to meet ISO standard
  • Fixed the Date Range to show tasks through to the "Timeline End Date" specified and 23:59 hour time.
  • Enhanced Performance of Processing Custom Styles that have Date Range Filter applied
  • Enhanced support of older Swimlane Timeline Reports
  • Enhanced handling of non-US (English) Region Settings
  • Enhanced Visio Shape Data Window fields to easily view user selections
  • Enhanced custom Filter dialogue with new filter criteria checking

From v6.81 to v6.82

  • Renewed Digital Certificate
  • Fixed Refresh when custom filter-by-value is applied

From v6.72 to v6.81

  • Added customizable date formats for Date Markers
  • Added weighted cross-swimlane lines for Timeline Rows
  • Added UI for displaying custom Text Settings
  • Enhanced image quality of Send to PowerPoint
  • Enhanced preservation of text formatting
  • Enhanced Excel source dialogue to support Styles
  • Enhanced Shared Folder option
  • Enhanced built-in Demos
  • Fixed display of manual dependency connectors
  • Fixed selecting subset of resources when using the Resource View option
  • Fixed the display of fonts when using the Regen option
  • Fixed potential Date Range issue when displaying Fiscal Year Timeline Row
  • Fixed swimlane right-click option when applying Expanded Layout for a single swimlane
  • Fixed Swimlane SORT option when using Descending order and Order in Data selections
  • Fixed Date Marker Legend to use the same text format for all Date Markers in the legend area
  • Fixed Paginate option when the Start Date Marker has been deleted from displaying start date arrows in the resulting paginated drawings

From v6.70 to v6.72

  • Fixed the SaveAs VSDX in Visio 2013 so Swimlane Timeline reports properly display in SharePoint 2013 Visio Web Access window.
  • Multiple fixes applied to further support non-English environments (for example, the German use of comma rather than period as the decimal mark that separates the numeric integer from the fractional part).
  • Fixed Group-by to show "<No Value>" as the swimlane title for swimlanes containing tasks with empty values for the Group-by field.

From v6.53 to v6.70

  • Added custom multi-level Group-by that allows users to group-by one field and then by another field.
  • Added support of Swimlane Level 2 Font Settings to the custom Font Settings dialogue.
  • Added a new Autofit to Width option that automatically adjusts the drawing page vertical spacing for the correct aspect ratio, based on the current width, for a single page drawing to fit to sizes: Letter, Legal, Ledger and A(n).
  • Added reading in the MS Project "Active",  "Status", and "Priority" fields that are now available for Filtering, Grouping, and  Sorting.
  • Added "Active Tasks Only" checkbox to the "ST Add/Show" menu that allows Project 2010-2013 users to quickly toggle between seeing just Active tasks or both Active and Inactive tasks.
  • Enhanced conditional Format XML definitions to support conditional formatting of the "Percent Complete" shading fill color based source field values.
  • Enhanced conditional Format XML definitions to support conditional formatting based on source field "value ranges" in addition to specific values.
  • Enhance support for Windows International (non-US English) Regions including working with custom Fonts and custom Palettes.
  • Enhanced the custom Palette Swimlane Line Weight setting to also extend to the line beneath the swimlane title
  • Enhanced the custom Font Timeline Settings to also apply to the timeline interval header labels (Yr, Qtr, Month, etc.)
  • Enhanced Group-by to work with fields that contain non-text format values like percentages, numbers and dates.
  • Enhanced Filter pick list to show custom filters in alpha-numeric order
  • Enhanced Font Settings to support formatting fonts for the Footer and Summary Fields
  • Fixed reading MS Project 2013 custom task cost fields and custom task date fields
  • Fixed Save As Web when XAML output is selected in Visio 2010 & Visio 2013
  • Fixed the conditional Format option so selecting "None" from the pick list after previously applying a Format works consistently
  • Fixed Style to properly apply Group-by setting when using Excel source data
  • Renamed task right-click text alignment options to further clarify their meaning
  • Renamed the "Task Row Height" option to "Vertical Spacing" to clarify its meaning
  • Updated the Backstage Preview image for Visio 2010 & 2013 environments
  • Updated the Demos folder files located in the installation folder
  • Added "Demos Folder" item to the "ST Manage/Shared Folder" option to make it easier to set the Shared Folder location to the installation "Demos" folder.


From v6.52 to v6.53 
  • Fixed milestone text block "wrapped left" displaying as vertical text when starting the Swimlane Timeline from within MS Project 2013 using the "Create Swimlane..." options.
  • Enhanced milestone text block margins to auto size based on the milestone shape height

From v6.37 to v6.52 

  • Added new support for Windows 8.1
  • Enhanced support for 2013 Visio, Project & Office
  • Added SharePoint Task List source data support to new Swimlane Timeline Professional Edition
  • Added new Font Settings option and user interface that allows users to create 1-click custom font settings that apply custom values to the Swimlane Timeline Title, Swimlane Row Titles, Task Intervals, Milestones, Timeline Rows and Date Markers.  Custom font setting file values are saved and reapplied with a Style and Refresh.
  • Added new custom Task Row Height option that allows users to specify a custom vertical distance between swimlane sub-rows.  This option provides a method to override the default vertical spacing between tasks rows throughout the drawing page.  Custom Task Row Height values are saved and reapplied with a Style and Refresh.
  • Added new Refresh Pick Lists option to "ST Manage" menu that refreshes all pick list items.  Implemented to assist users building custom Views and Legends.
  • Added new International Date Format support for Footers.  The date format for the "Creation Date" and "Project last modified" date is taken directly from the Windows OS Region settings.
  • Enhanced Excel Source Data initial layout dialogue to solicit not only the Group field, but also the Worksheet if multiple worksheets are detected, and the Filter field to help users working with large spreadsheets.  User selections becomes new default values when an Excel source is next specified.
  • Enhanced Installation MSI to support the solution install using the Everyone option for all Visio/Project/Office environments.  This allows IT Departments within an organizations to logon to users systems with ADMIN rights, install the Swimlane Timeline, and register and activate it.  Non-Admin users are then later able to logon to the system and have access to a fully activated and functional Swimlane Timeline solution.
  • Enhanced reading of MS Project MPP files exported from Project Server to include all Enterprise Custom Task Field Entities visible in the Gantt View of a Project Server schedule available in the Swimlane  Timeline Filter/Group/Sort options pick lists.
  • Enhanced Task Height option by adding new "Shorter" and "Shortest" pick list items.  Task Height values specified are saved and reapplied with a Style and Refresh.
  • Enhanced Date Markers by adding the ability to show "No Text", but just the selected date marker symbol, size and color.
  • Enhanced Milestone shapes available by adding "Harvey Balls" style shapes consisting of circles with partially filled quadrants.
  • Added new Copy current to Shared Folder pick list item to each custom option drop-down to make it easier in corporate environments to share commonly used Styles, Filters, Palettes, Fonts and Format Views. 
  • Enhanced custom Color Palette by adding ability to change the "Highlight Weekend Fill Color". 
  • Enhanced Timeline Rows option by adding ability to turn off the automatical Highlight Weekend Days when showing the 1-Day time interval.
  • Add Swimlane Timeline support for Windows environments with FIPS validated cryptographic algorithms enabled.
  • Added ability to conditionally set task font settings based on data source field values using a custom Format View XML Definition file.
  • Enhanced Summary Fields by adding ability to turn off Grand Totals when only Timeline Totals or Swimlane Totals checkboxes are selected affecting the display of totals beneath field titles.
  • Added Milestone field to Filter, Group, and Sort pick lists when no "Milestone" column exists in the Excel source data, but data rows contain milestone items with zero duration.
  • Added support for use of the TAB key when filling out Registration form fields.
  • Added Swimlane Timeline Demo Files to the installation to allow users to see working example files, and for demonstration purposes.
  • Enhanced the Pagination option by removing the Home & Up icons previously displayed in the top right of pages 2-n.
  • Enhanced the Pagination option to preserve user modified Summary Field column width settings.
  • Fixed Excel XLSX file type "No Data Found" issue.  No longer need workaround of saving to XLS format.
  • Fixed Paginate display of Date Markers.  No longer need workaround of delete Start Date Marker and then re-create it.
  • Fixed custom Styles to properly display Date Marker dates set to use international "dd/MM" date format.
  • Fixed error handling when saved Swimlane Timeline drawings are re-opened, and have not yet been Refreshed and relinked to the source data, to better handle Swimlane Timeline options selected that require being linked to the data.
  • Add ability to Show/Hide Logo.  Logo setting is saved and reapplied with a Style and Refresh.

From v6.33 to v6.37

  • Fixed MppCreateDrawing Error occurring on systems with MS Project 2010 Standard
  • Added error handling for systems with No Project that also changes default browser file type to Excel

From v6.15 to v6.33 

  • Added Support for Windows 8
  • Added Support for 2013 Visio-Office-Project
  • Installation Changes
  • Reduced Installations from six to two
  • Requires "Just me" option installation
  • Install removes older custom default styles
  • Renewed Digital Certificate
  • Added New “Export Unlocked” Option
  • Added “Contains” Test to Custom Named Filter Option
  • Excel Source Only
  • Added Hyperlink to “Excel Row”
  • Added Auto-Filter of “Dummy Row”
  • Added Auto-Setting of “Milestone” Flag
  • Added support for worksheet names containing spaces
  • Fixed custom filter by percent_complete values
  • Bug Fixes
  • Fixed Date Marker field pick list to properly show first field in list
  • Fixed Paginate when no Date Markers are shown
  • Fixed issue when showing Dependency Connectors to place tasks when the new Refresh drawing will have a different number of swimlanes than the old drawing.  
  • Fixed issue of preserving swimlane header column widths when forcing the no-swimlanes case when applying a style.  
  • Fixed issue when turning Dependency Connector visibility on/off with the toggle button
  • Fixed issue when Excel source file worksheet name includes spaces or special characters
  • Fixed issue with saving / restored Date Line locations

From v6.12 to v6.15

  • Fixed - When the Task Height is set to "Short" then milestone shape & text was not displayed properly
  • Fixed - When the Baseline View was on, changing the Date Range could truncate baselines incorrectly and not display the baseline start or finish triangles
  • Fixed - Grouping by a date field was causing "addIntervalShape" error
  • Fixed - Task overlapping occasionally occurring with lowest Timeline Row set to "N-Day(s)"


From v5.81 to v6.12

  • New Custom Style UI
  • New Custom Palette UI
  • New Default Settings
  • New Baseline View
  • Enhanced Date Marker
    • Added "dd/mm", "dd", and "HH:mm" formats
    • Added move field Up/Down to simplify Legend ordering
  • Enhanced Dependency Connector
    • Added "Show User Only" option
    • Added "Create Dependency" right-click option
    • Added middle connection points to each side of shapes
  • Enhanced Swimlane Sort
    • Added swimlane sort by text, dates, and numbers
    • Added sort ordering of "Ascending", "Descending", and "Order in Data"
  • Enhanced Timeline
    • Added weekend highlight when 1-Day is lowest time interval
    • Added "7-Day" time interval
  • Enhanced Task Height
    • Added "Taller" and Tallest" options
  • Enhanced Page Width
    • Added "A0-A5" page sizes
  • Enhanced Milestones
    • Added "Square", "Up Triangle", "Down Triangle", "Left Triangle", and "Right Triangle" shapes
    • Added milestone right-click "Change Milestone Type" option
  • Enhanced Refresh
    • Added preservation of Swimlane Timeline "Title"
    • Added preservation of task text orientation
  • Enhanced Toolbar for Visio 2003-2007 Environments
    • Added "Refresh" option
    • Added "Color Palette" option
    • Added "Swimlane Sort" option
    • Added second toolbar
  • Enhanced International Support
    • Added support for all Windows Region & Language "Format" settings
  • Enhanced Footer
    • Added time stamp to "Creation Date"
  • Enhanced Format Legend
    • Changed logic to preserve Named Format Legend width and adapt page width as needed
  • Enhanced Source File Selection
    • Added support for "XLSM" files
  • Enhanced Sharing of Custom Files
    • Added reset to "No Folder" option
    • Added support for custom file subfolders
  • Bug Fixes
    • Fixed issue occurring when selecting multiple Excel source files
    • Fixed issue occurring when returning to “Automatic” timeline rows after previously selecting “Custom” timeline rows
    • Fixed Highlight Window to work correctly with Pagination
    • Fixed custom named Filter so that the filter summary position was locked at the bottom of the dialogue when resizing the custom filter dialogue
    • Fixed “Visio 2010 Not Found” installation error occurring in some Visio 2010 environments


From v5.73 to v5.81

  • Added Filtering to the Show Dependency Connectors option to give user more control of what dependencies are shown *NEW*
  • Enhanced Sort to include sorting by any field with either Ascending ,Descending, or order encountered in the source data so users can group tasks within swimlanes based on field values. *New*
  • Added support of special "quote(")" characters in custom task field names
  • Added support of special "ampersand(&)" characters in custom Named Filter labels
  • Fixed timeline rows from changing when using the set specific Date Range dialogue
  • Fixed tasks from flowing off the page when using the right-click option to individually set swimlane layout style for the top swimlane in the swimlane stack
  • Fixed error occurring when selecting "Create Swimlane Timeline" option from within MS Project when the opened MPP files were located on a network server or SharePoint site


From v5.45 to v5.73

Added Page Width Option

  • Automatic Page Width (Default)
    • Lowest timeline interval is a constant half inch fixed-width
    • Page width grows to fit fixed-width timeline intervals to the selected date range
  • Fixed Width Page *New*
    • User selects Page width
    • The width of timeline intervals vary to fit the selected page width

Added Timeline Rows Option

  • Automatic Calendar Rows (Default)
    • Swimlane Timeline determines all timeline rows to display
  • Lowest Interval
    • User selects lowest timeline interval
    • Swimlane Timeline selects other timeline rows to display
  • Custom *New*
    • User selects all timeline rows to display
    • User selects the ordering of timeline rows

Added Window Highlight Option

  • Auto -apply to all pre-selected interval tasks and timeline intervals
  • Supports right-click to manually set exact dates
  • Window Highlight top and bottom can be manually changed
  • Highlight text block can be rotated

Added Summary Field Option

  • Display field totals of all tasks within a swimlane or timeline interval
  • Supports custom field formats similar to Excel cell format definitions
  • Default field format options include round up to Thousands & Millions
  • Grand Totals are displayed in field header when Swimlane or Timeline checkboxes are not both selected
  • Swimlane summary field column width can be manually changed

Added Named Formats & Legends

  • Apply formatting to intervals and milestones based on task field values
  • Display associated Legend at bottom
  • Three default “Outline Level” Formats included: All, Intervals, and Milestones
  • Format definitions reside in custom XML files
  • Legends reside in custom VSD files
  • Develop additional custom Named Formats

Added “Change Folder” Option for Sharing of Custom Named Filters, Styles, and Formats

  • The user-specified folder location is searched when looking for custom Named Filters, Named Styles, and Named Formats and Legends.

Enhanced Apply Task Text Settings Right-click Options

  • Right-click options to apply the currently selected task text format settings to other tasks
  • Apply to All Tasks, All Intervals, or All Milestones

Enhanced Task Height

  • Renamed "Interval Style" to task "Height"
  • Options are Short, Medium and Tall
  • Default task text font size changes with height selected

Enhanced Milestones

  • Added circle milestone
  • Changed milestone text margins to move text further from shape

Enhanced Page Level Right-click Options

  • Select All Tasks
  • Select All Intervals
  • Select All Milestones
  • Show Shape Data Window

Enhanced Custom Named Filters

  • Support for multiple parenthesis allows complex compound logic

Enhanced Date Indicators

  • Renamed to Date Line
  • Auto-apply Date Lines to preselected milestones

Modified Show/Hide Manual Task Mode

  • Shows Project 2010 tasks set to Manual Task Mode as grey filled
  • Removed from default view

Enhanced User Interface

  • Re-designed Visio 2010 Ribbons
  • Re-designed Visio 2003/2007 Menus &Toolbar

Reduced Installation Requirements

  · Removed dependency on Microsoft Visual Studio Tools for Office (VSTO 3.0) for 32-bit Visio 2010 and   Project 2010 environments. This changes the Swimlane Timeline menu in 2010 Project from “Visibility” to the default “Add-in”.

  · VSTO 3.0 dependent Swimlane Timeline installations are still available if desired.


From v5.42 to v5.45

  • Added a new MODE feature that supports Dynamic and Batch modes. In the default Dynamic mode, task operations like Filter, Group, and Sort are immediately applied when selected. In Batch Mode, task operations are not executed until the user either selects the "Run Batch" option or switches back to Dynamic mode. Batch mode can be especially useful when working with large source files.
  • Enhanced REFRESH to preserve the currently selected date range.
  • Enhanced REFRESH to preserve cross-swimlane Date Indicator line color, weight, and pattern.
  • Enhanced REFRESH to preserve Page Names.
  • Enhanced STYLE to save and re-apply the current Page Name.
  • Enhanced STYLE to display the pull-down menu options alphanumerically.
  • Enhanced cross-swimlane DATE INDICATORS to display behind task shapes.
  • Enhanced FILE SELECTION dialogue to support source Excel and Project MPP Files located in a mapped SharePoint Document Library.
  • Enhanced TASK NAME displayed to ignored leading space characters. This can be useful when working with Project Server Resource Center extracts.
  • Enhanced FILE SELECTION dialogue to support filenames containing the plus "+" symbol.
  • Fixed STYLE with multiple Date Markers to no longer create duplicate markers when applied multiple times.
  • Added a new Swimlane Timeline installation for the following mixed environment: Visio 2010 and Office 2003-2007with no Microsoft Project that works with Excel source files only.


From v5.39 to v5.42

  • Added new Swimlane Timeline installations for the following mixed environments: Visio 2010 and Office 2010 with Project 2003-2007, and Visio 2010 and Project 2010 with Office 2003-2007.
  • Fixed issue when running with international languages and date formats like: yyyy-MM-dd and dd-MM-YYYY.
  • Removed the requirement for ADMIN rights that occurred in some cases when working with EXCEL source files giving the "Error in function readExcelFile. Access to the registry denied" message.


From v5.36 to v5.39

  • Fixed an issue with REFRESH indicating "No tasks will be visible" when a "Named Filter" had been applied.
  • Fixed an issue that occurs when a Filter-by selection filters out an entire swimlane, and subsequent filters are unable to restore any tasks from the previously filtered out swimlane.
  • Fixed the issue occuring when making formatting changes to the default START Date Marker that were not being immediately applied to the Swimlane Timeline.
  • Fixed the Date Marker text alignment for "Drill-in" pages.


From v5.30 to v5.36

  • Added Control Handles to Date Markers to make it easy to tweak their positions
  • Added Filter-by "Named Filter" pick list option that activates the APPLY Named Filter dialogue.
  • Added Named Styles support of Visibility Custom Field settings (ShortName, Color, and Type).
  • Added Support for Project schedules that have a blank task as the first task in the schedule
  • Added Increased performance for Group-by option when using Excel source files
  • Changed task top and bottom task text margins now set to 0 to increase Y-Coord position differences between Upper and Lower task text positions
  • Changed Filter-by toolbar window to display the generic "Named Filter" label when any Named Filter is applied
  • Changed the Project 2010 Visibility ribbon icons for "Create from Active…and "Create from Open…" to better images.
  • Fixed Date Marker text collisions when a Milestone shared the same Start Date as another task at the same position (primarily seen when using Excel source files)
  • Fixed Named Filters incorrectly showing "No tasks will be visible..." message when a Named Filter was selected from the Filter-by drop-down menu
  • Fixed Named Filter "Define New" and "Change" Copy Row & Paste Row options (Copy, select Row, Paste)
  • Fixed the generic custom task field label (e.g., Text4) from being displayed in the Swimlane Timeline Sub-heading